2708 West Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Call 267 514-7991

Pickup & delivery service is available Monday to Sunday.

How it works:

  • Call 267 514-7991 to schedule a appointment, and to request pickup & delivery service. Pickups are in the morning, deliveries start in the early afternoon.
  • If you are a new customer, please complete the online form.
  • When your pet(s) arrives at our shop, a groomer will call you to discuss grooming options.
  • When your pet(s) is ready to be returned, we will call you to confirm you are home and provide you with the final price.

Pickup/Delivery Fee:

We charge $1 per mile, round trip, from 2708 West Girard Avenue, to your street address. We calculate the distance using ATT Navigator software. For example, if your address is 3.6 miles from 2708 West Girard Avenue, we will round up to 4 miles, each way, then charge you an $8 pickup/delivery fee.